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what it feels like

On game day today, thinking back on our trip to Pittsburgh a year ago for Hockey Diaries: Winter Classic 2011 and probably our favorite made-for-radio quote about skating outdoors, from then-Penguin forward Michael Rupp. 

MEDIACHAMELEON: "Can you describe to someone on the radio what it feels like to skate outside, what are the sensations that are different to you?  What would you say?”

RUPP: “Did you ever go swimming in the nude? It’s kind of similar to that, I guess. It’s (laughs) it just feels, I don’t know, it feels… you just, it’s just… it’s freeing experience. Like you’re just in there, and you got the air around you, you can see it, it just… it’s a pretty cool feeling. I guess that’s a bad example, but it’s what I got.”