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So, news of social media skeptic Brooks Laich’s Twitter debut today took us back to this short but animated conversation with him back in July 2009… “Here would be my tweet: Going fishing. No reception on the lake. See you in the Fall… That would be my tweet.  I’m not into that stuff!”  Take a listen…

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the laich and bradley show

For our Hockey Diaries radio series, Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich kept an audio log of his 2008-2009 NHL season.  In addition to sharing his own thoughts (and probably when he got tired of talking to us!), he took to interviewing his teammates. Donald Brashear, Jose Theodore, Mike Green, Eric Fehr… he quizzed them relentlessly in the lockerroom, and on long plane rides.  One of our favorite recordings was made during Training Camp 2008, with his long-time stall-mate Matt Bradley.  So in honor of Bradley’s signing today with the NHL Florida Panthers, we bring you this unedited version of their conversation.  A showcase of Bradley’s deadpan delivery, dry wit and self-deprecating humor…

I’ll play as long as I still have the desire and passion to play. Once that runs out then I don’t think I’d belong in the rink.

— Brooks Laich, September 22, 2008

Laich and Semin, Washington Capitals scrimmage, September 10, 2010

Laich and Semin, Washington Capitals scrimmage, September 10, 2010

Brooks Laich talks to the media, Kettler Capitals Iceplex, summer 2008

Brooks Laich talks to the media, Kettler Capitals Iceplex, summer 2008

Learning to Win on the Ice

From the mediachameleon archives:  listen back to our NPR piece from April 2009, heading into the NHL playoffs

mix update

So it’s Sunday night at 10:15pm, and we’re still mixing.  Things are going pretty well, but there are still a few hours ahead of us tonight.  Which isn’t going to make getting up early for work tomorrow too much fun.  At the moment, we’re about 5 seconds short, so while Chris continues to EQ some of my tracks and deal with some other mix issues, i’m looking for 5 seconds.  I’m searching through previous drafts of the final script for a favorite line that we cut that we could add back in.  There’s a lot to choose from.  Our goal tonight is to get a working mix completed, so that we can send it out to a few key people tomorrow for a listen before we do the final mix.  We should have some news later in the week about where and when to listen.  Onward.  Fuelled by iced coffee and frozen bananas right now…