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this weekend

This weekend we’re mixing our radio documentary “Hockey Diaries: The Almost Season”. And by we i mean Chris, audio engineer/superman.  The documentary is the third in what we hope will be a long-running Hockey Diaries series. It’s a journey through the 2009-2010 season of the Washington Capitals.  Told through the eyes and ears of two players, Mike Knuble and Tyler Sloan.  We did our final wrap-up interviews in mid-May, and we’ve been working through the summer to get the piece done (along with other projects in the works).  First, we logged a billion hours of tape (really, it was only a few hundred).  Then we figured out a roadmap of how to piece it all together, like a giant audio jigsaw puzzle.  Then we cut tape, wrote narrative, and listened.  Way too long.  Cut more tape, wrote different narrative, and listened again.  Pacing was off here and there.  Cut tape, added in new tape, fact-checked narrative, and listened.  Something’s missing, but what?  Cut tape, rewrote tracks, and listened.  You get the picture.  Summer blazed on outside our windows.  In the hockey world, awards were bestowed, prospects were drafted, free agents were traded then re-traded, contracts were signed (and revoked).  Cups were paraded.  In their home countries, NHL players started returning to the ice for summer training.  And we kept cutting, writing, polishing, listening.  Now, this weekend, it’s time to mix.  We can hardly wait!