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Five fans kept roadtrip audio diaries for our Winter Classic 2011 radio documentary coming on March 28.  Meet Kelly Stoner of Arlington, VA.

"I was born overseas in Salzburg, Austria so (Washington) DC is actually a really great town for me… I’m a transplant and it’s definitely a city full of transplants, so in some ways it kind feels like home in that sense… I moved to DC in February of 2009, and the first weekend I lived here I saw my first Caps game and its sort of been, you know, "that’s all she wrote" kind of thing. The Caps played the Florida Panthers and Ovechkin had a hat trick and I was hooked. When I first told my folks that I was a hockey fan they were sort of like "Who are you? What have you done with our daughter?"… I’ll never ever forget my first hockey game, actually seeing it in person and hearing the sound of the skates on the ice and the screams from the guys as they’re yelling at each other. One of the things that I really like is that I feel good about being a Caps fan. You know, we have an amazing group of players on this team.. and so it’s a great time to be a Caps fan right now."

Photos courtesy of Kelly Stoner (c) All Rights Reserved:  Winter Classic 2011 scoreboard; Fans stream into Heinz Field on Jan 1; Checklist of winter gear in Pittsburgh hotel room; In the stands at Heinz Field before puck drop