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Five fans kept roadtrip audio diaries for our Winter Classic 2011 radio documentary coming up on March 28.  Meet Mike Shwedick of Bowie, MD.

"I’ve been a Caps fan since I was 9. It runs in my family and the Caps are a huge part of the relationship between my dad and I. When I turned 18… I bought season tickets and have had them ever since, in section 107. I completely dive into the Caps emotionally, financially and mentally. I’ve been in 18 of the 30 NHL arenas over the past 5-6 years, following the team. I’ve had several creative outlets… including writing and producing The Caps Rap. Here’s my interview on CSN… On my days off you can usually find me at Kettler… I received Winter Classic tickets through my season tickets.  There could not be a more perfect time, place and opponent for this game.”

Photos courtesy of Mike Shwedick (c) All Rights Reserved: Breakfast en route to Pittsburgh; Shwedick in front of the Winter Classic rink; Heinz Field concessions; Fans entering Heinz Field